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Established in 2008, Megacom started off first retail outlet store in Jakarta as Asus Partner. With the years of retail and distribution experience that came with the business's founder, Megacom quickly and firmly established itself by gaining rapid entry into the market through its strong retail market and distribution channels by giving continues updated and latest IT product to all of our customers with affordable price.


After years down the road by giving continuous outstanding perfomance to our partner now Megacom is become one of Asus Elite Golden Partner in Indonesia.


In return to fullfill our customers needs now Megacom expanding the brand of IT product with world wide branded product with its speciallity in Notebook, Netbook, Tablet PC, PC All In One, and PC Desktop with strong focus in Asus product.










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Megacom @ Mangga Dua Mall Mangga Dua Mall Lt. 4 No. 6
Jakarta Pusat - Indonesia
021 - 6017502 021 - 62304336
Megacom @ Chandra Dept Store Lampung Basement C-Shop
Tanjung Karang - Bandar Lampung
0721 - 262677 0721 - 262677
Megacom @ Poins Square Lt 2 No 35
Lebak Bulus - Jakarta Selatan
021 - 75917543 021 - 75917543
Megacom @ Boemi Kedaton Mall Lantai dasar No. GB 20
Kedaton - Bandar Lampung
0721-8015528 0721-8015528


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